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Let us help make your job easier! We are here to lighten one less load off you so that you have guidance counselor resources right at your fingertips. We offer vibrant, colorful printables that you can easily access in a moment’s notice. In order to access our resources, you must be a member of our site. However, we have a preview page that will give you some guidance as to some of the printables you will find. We offer an easy, monthly membership for those that prefer an easy payment. You can save even more by paying our annual membership. But the best part is, is that we also take purchase orders if you’d like to use your school funds to purchase our resources. Either way, we look forward to collaborating with you this school year.

We believe you will fall in love with our website, as we have so much to offer! As we grow and make new resources, our goal is to be a website that offers every need that you could imagine!

Each of our lesson plans come with a Word doc (that includes the standards, objective, directions, and the assessment) and the activities in a PDF. Check out the PDF for this lesson plan:

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