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How Does MLKs Dream Continue Today

“I Have a Dream”. I guarantee that when you hear that statement, you immediately think of Martin Luther King and his famous speech. 

There is no doubt that Martin Luther King Jr. made a tremendous impact on the world. A leader, a motivational speaker, a civil rights activist– he has inspired many from a vast variety of age groups. 

Even to this day, the impact Martin Luther King Jr. made on society can be felt and his teachings continue to make an impact. Here are 3 ways MLK’s dreams continue in society today. 

Be a Leader, Be Bold 

Martin Luther King Junior is without a doubt, one of the biggest leaders of his era, and even today. What made him stand out, was his ability to lead. Not only did he lead, but he led with passion and stuck to his beliefs of peaceful resistance. 

Many did not agree with his way of leading. Many attacked him, threatened him, and hurt him and his followers; but he ignored the negative and followed what he believed in– he was bold. He knew that there was an important issue at hand and needed to. 

A Life Of Diversity 

MLK wanted equality and diversity in the world. Our world today is not perfect, but the  improvement has been made and continues to be made due to Martin Luther King Jr. MLK spoke about how he had a dream that one day children could go to school together, regardless of the skin color, that people would not be judged for the color of their skin, and that people would instead look at the character of their hearts.

He led marches and peaceful protests to accomplish these changes and because of these, changes have been made. Not only did it spark desegregation, but it inspired many current Civil Rights activists today. 

Others take on his teachings and use these to seek equality. For example, Colin Kapernick. He used his authority and launched a peaceful protest to inspire others. This would not have been possible without Martin Luther King Jr. 

It is so important to show students how one person can make a difference. Martin Luther King Jr. was one man, but he brought so many from different cultures together. You can use these teachings to inspire your child. 

Take Action On What You Believe In

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, and he did not sit back and just wish it would happen, he took action to accomplish these dreams. 

He continues to be a model to children that anything is possible. We can use his teachings to inspire children and show them that if you have a dream, go for it. 

One way you can do this with students is to have them write down one of the goals that MLK had and then have them write down what actions he took to accomplish this goal. You can then do the same activity with your students/ children. Have children make a goal and then have them list out actions that they can take in order to be successful. 

This is a great way to teach students that if they have a dream, they can achieve it– all inspired by MLK. 


Want your children or students to learn more about Martin Luther King and the impact he had on our world? Check out our resource “Equality is the Color of My Heart”. This resource is filled with ample information on Martin Luther King and his impact. Plus, the storybook has an interactive lesson at the end where students will analyze situations, determine if it is equal or not, and what type of inequality is being shown. This is a great way to continue conversations about MLK or to have a formative check in to see what students learned! I hope you find this useful. 

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