About School Counselor


As a school counselor I know what it’s like to be short on time and wear many hats! This site was designed by an elementary school guidance counselor that wanted to share resources with other elementary school guidance counselors to save you countless hours making these resources or surfing the internet to find these resources. I know your time is precious and much is expected of you during the school day. Not to mention all the demands of life after school hours! Use your time wisely by simply printing our resources and save your time for the daily demands of your job and family. Who better knows all that’s expected of you than one school counselor to another school counselor!

Find K-6 lesson plans for classroom school, individual and small group counseling activities (bullying, death (including a complete program on how to counsel in small/large groups when a student passes away), divorce, and other traumatic events), counseling/documentation forms, behavior forms, and MORE! Go on over and check out our toolbox page to see all our resources!