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These are the lesson plans you will gain access to with the Silver Membership in the month of February. Some lessons are in PDF and others are interactive Power Point Shows. In March a new set of  lesson plans with 7-8 topics will be available.You will also gain access to ALL counseling materials, this month’s interactive resources, and the current seasonal/holiday resources (not pictured below).

To view the pages of each lesson, click on the image, then click the play button below the image. 


Curriculum Map #1



LP: Growth Mindset: Your Best Marathon (PDF)


LP: Safely Using Technology (PDF)


LP: Don’t Be A Bear, Agree to Make Peace (PDF)


LP: Tattling vs. Telling (PDF)


Curriculum Map #2


LP: Good Character Traits (Interactive PowerPoint)


LP: What My Body Language Tells Others (Interactive PowerPoint)


LP: When Others Tear You Down (PDF)


LP: Being Responsible (PDF)

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